Fresh, Organic, Delicious Meals


From 7 am to 10 pm

Our wonderful chefs can prepare almost anything you request. House specialties are fresh sourced seafood grilled to perfection with flavorful Indonesian sides. Please ask about sample menus for special celebrations.


The chefs do the shopping and cooking and the staff sets the table and serves the dishes. A 20% surcharge is added to the price of groceries to keep the kitchen up and running.


Gourmet shopping daily

The fruits and vegetables grown in Bali are fresh and tasty because they do not travel to our table. We use as much locally grown organic food as possible, including seafood from local fishermen.


Our staff shops daily at the best gourmet and local markets to ensure we’re sourcing the best ingredients. All of the sauces, salad dressings, and Indonesian sambals are freshly made in the kitchen.

Kitchen Expertise

We have menus and cookbooks in our kitchen for our guests to choose any kinds of cuisine. We can make Thai curries and salads, Chinese stir fry noodles, Japanese tempuras or sushi, Balinese, Indonesian, Italian pastas, Indian rices, chutneys and curries, and Greek, gourmet vegetarian and California style-salads.


We can cater to any kind of food allergies including gluten free products, using non-dairy alternatives like fresh almond milk, and can prepare International vegan dishes. We make ice cream as well from fresh fruit. Our juicer provides vegetable and fruits juices for you daily.

House Specialties

Our house specialty is a seafood BBQ. Giant prawns grilled to perfection with a lemon butter sauce, freshly caught calamari, sliced thin, after being soaked in milk and fried with coconut flour, (we think our calamari is the best on the island). Also from the grill, whole red snapper served with lemongrass sambal and an in-house Asian sauce.


We can prepare imported steaks, burgers or lamb from New Zealand. Balinese ducks and roasted pig barbecues are also popular. Guests often host special birthdays or anniversaries at Puri Dana and our service has been refined to cater to these sorts of celebrations.